Firmware update details

Fly Control Firmware V1025-B :
1. Solve the compass calibration issue in some countries and regions.
2. Optimize flight performance.
3. Optimize gimbal performance.

Remote Control Firmware V1020-C :
1. Enable to set the text color of the error codes in the customs settings.
2. Optimize the operation experience.

Camera Firmware V1015-A :
1. Adjust the color scheme.
2. Fix the occasional overexposure situation.
3. Last version 1013 is attached.
FIMI A3 Drone Camera Firmware V1015-A Download
FIMI A3 Drone Remote Control Firmware V1020-C Download
FIMI A3 Drone Fly Control Firmware V1025-B Download
FIMI A3Drone Quick Start Manual Download
FIMI A3 drone Disclaimer and Safety Operation Instructions Download
FIMI A3 Drone User Manual Download