Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q:
    What if I need local repair services to address my after-sales issue of X8SE?

    Fimi  has  been  helping  customers  locate  3rd-party  repair  centers  who  can  provide  local  languages  and  technical  supports.  The  Fimi  support  team  is  always  at  our  user's  service,  but  if  any  users  have  the  needs  for  local  repair  services,  they  might  as  well  try  reaching  out  to  these  3rd-party  service  centers  (don't  forget  to  share  with  us  your  experience  with  these  local  services.  Note  Fimi  will  not  be  responsible  for  any  charges/fees  incurred  between  the  customer  and  3rd  party  center).

    FPV1.DE,  w/  German,-English,-French-speaking  staff
    Tele.:  +49  6737  3589  260
    Whatsapp:  +49  1590  8409  143

    Canary  Stock,  w/  Spanish-speaking  staff
    Tele.:  626531801  

    w/  Indonesian,-English,-Chinese-speaking    staff  :  HUGO
    Tele.:  +62-81272761661
    Line  or  Whatsapp:  +62-81272761661

  2. Q:
    What should I do if I look for Fimi's support or after-sales?

    If you have any inquiry, please submit an "After-sale Service Acceptance Form" to This form contains the necessary information to speed up your After-sale service progress.(Filling this form just needs 1-3 minutes.)
    Our support team will guide you through the preliminary diagnosis process. We will reply to you as soon as possible once we received your form.