Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q:
    What’s Mi Smartphone Gimbal?

    The product is equipped with a high-precision three-axis mechanical gimbal. The integrated advanced stabilization technology of Fimi enables the cell phone to capture stable and smooth motion pictures. To connect the cell phone APP via Bluetooth, you can achieve such features as smart follow-up, mobile delay and Hitchcock. Apart from diverse functions, the product is easy to operate. The function button can be used to shoot with one hand, and the shooting angle of the cell phone can be manually adjusted quickly. The 1/4-inch nut and retaining ring at the bottom can be matched to most of the peripheries on the market to meet different shooting scene requirements.

  2. Q:
    What are characteristics of Mi Smartphone Gimbal?

    Six main features below:

    (1)+35°~-140°Controllable rotation range: direction 360° / horizontal roll: horizontal roll: +30°~-30°/pitch: +35°~-140°

    (2)Smart follow-up shooting.

    (3)With one-hand control handle for photo shooting and digital zoom.

    (4)Through the Bluetooth connection, parameter setting and firmware upgrade can be performed on the

    (5)There are four working modes to meet different shooting needs. gimbal on the APP terminal.

    (6)Service time up to 16 hours

  3. Q:
    What scenes are suitable for Mi Smartphone Gimbal?

    It is a stand-alone product. There is an external 1/4-inch nut at the bottom of the handle for connection with the tripod or a selfie rod. The top of the handle with a more stable center of gravity can be connected to the riding or wearing accessories by assembling a special retaining ring. Because of its stable photo and video recording in different scenes, the product can meet the needs of portable shooting for daily shooting, sports enthusiasts and photographers.

  4. Q:
    What are the precautions for using Mi Smartphone Gimbal?

    (1)Please install the phone, adjust the balance, lock the phone holder fixing knob and the phone balance knob and then turn it on. Otherwise, the gimbal will not work properly. Instead, it will enter the stall protection mode, and the fault lamp will be on. After the gimbal is adjusted, please power it on again or double-click the “trigger button” to exit the protection mode.

    (2)Please hold the handle to start up. Handhold the gimbal and start it up under the idle mode, the gimbal will enter the idle protection state. The gimbal will shake, stop working and enter the standby mode.

    (3)Before installing the cell phone, please confirm that the handheld gimbal is in the off state; insert the cell phone into the holder along the positioning slot, and confirm that one end of the cell phone is close to the mobile phone holder (horizontal), or in the middle of the cell phone holder (vertical)

    (4)Before disassembling the cell phone, please confirm that the handheld gimbal is in the off state; take out the cell phone by pulling outward the holder

    (5)The lithium battery capacity will be greatly reduced under low temperature conditions; please do not use Mi Smartphone Gimbal below 0 °C.

    (6)0Ensure that the gimbal rotates freely after powering on.

    (7)When not in use or at rest, please make sure that the Mi Smartphone Gimbal is powered off.

    (8)Mi Smartphone Gimbal is a high-precision control device. Please do not drop or be hit by external force, otherwise it may cause damage on the Mi Smartphone Gimbal, leading to abnormal work.

  5. Q:
    What kinds of cell phone are compatible with Mi Smartphone Gimbal?

    Mi Smartphone Gimbal is designed to be compatible with the cell phone with 4-6 inch screen, 55-88mm width, thickness less than or equal to 8.9mm and weight less than or equal to 200g. It can adapt to most mainstream cell phones on the market. The specific compatibility scene depends your actual applications (such as whether you use a phone case with uneven mass distribution, whether you use an external camera lens, whether there are special buttons on the side of the phone, etc.)

  6. Q:
    How to change the direction of the cell phone holder of Mi Smartphone Gimbal?

    Release the cell phone holder fixing knob, then follow the arrow to rotate the phone holder 90 degrees to switch between horizontal and vertical mode. After switching the direction, tighten the knob. When rotating the phone holder, please remove the phone to operate.

  7. Q:
    Whether does the Mi Smartphone Gimbal support charging to the cell phone?

    Yes. After connecting the cell phone and the handheld gimbal with the data cable, press and hold the camera button for 3S during the working process to start the handheld gimbal for charging the cell phone; press and hold the camera button 3S again to end charging. You need to have the data cable with one end compatible with the interface of the mobile phone, and the other end compatible with micro-USB interface of Mi Smartphone Gimbal.

  8. Q:
    How to differentiate states of the indicator lamp of Mi Smartphone Gimbal?