Firmware update details

Camera Firmware V1016-A :
1. Optimize the white balance feature. Improve white balance changes problem in the green vegetation scenes
2. Adjust the video and photo color appropriately
3. Adjust the streaming video color appropriately

Fly Control Firmware V1028-B :
1. Optimize takeoff and landing
2. Optimize compass calibration
3. Fix some known bugs

Remote Control Firmware V1022-C :
1. Added multi-language support, such as: Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Czech, Hungarian, Dutch, German, Swedish, Polish, Russian
2. Fix display overflow issue of some menu option fonts
FIMI A3 Drone Remote Control Firmware V1022-C Download
FIMI A3 Drone Fly Control Firmware V1028-B Download
FIMI A3 Drone Camera Firmware V1016-A Download
FIMI A3Drone Quick Start Manual Download
FIMI A3 drone Disclaimer and Safety Operation Instructions Download
FIMI A3 Drone User Manual Download

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q:
    What should I do if I look for Fimi's support or after-sales?

    If you have any inquiry, please submit an "After-sale Service Acceptance Form" to [email protected] This form contains the necessary information to speed up your After-sale service progress.(Filling this form just needs 1-3 minutes.)
    Our support team will guide you through the preliminary diagnosis process. We will reply to you as soon as possible once we received your form.

  2. Q:
    What if I need local repair services to address my after-sales issue of A3?

    Fimi  has  been  helping  customers  locate  3rd-party  repair  centers  who  can  provide  local  languages  and  technical  supports.  The  Fimi  support  team  is  always  at  our  user's  service,  but  if  any  users  have  the  needs  for  local  repair  services,  they  might  as  well  try  reaching  out  to  these  3rd-party  service  centers  (don't  forget  to  share  with  us  your  experience  with  these  local  services.  Note  Fimi  will  not  be  responsible  for  any  charges/fees  incurred  between  the  customer  and  3rd  party  center).

    FPV1.DE,  w/  German,-English,-French-speaking  staff
    Email:  [email protected]
    Tele.:  +49  6251 8255 911
    Whatsapp:  +49  1590  8409  143

    w/  Indonesian,-English,-Chinese-speaking    staff  :  HUGO
    Email:  [email protected]
    Tele.:  +62-812-5000-2883
    Line  or  Whatsapp:  +62-812-5000-2883

    España / Español,-English, staff
    Email: [email protected]
    Tele.: 626 531 801 / 928 322709
    Whatsapp: 626531801

    Oyuncakhobi Teknolojik Urunler Tic A.S 
    Turkish, English-speaking staff
    Email: [email protected]
    Tele.: 08505005515
    Whatsapp: +90 538 636 37 60

    Turkish, English, French, Spanish-speaking staff
    Email: [email protected]
    Tele.: 08503024797
    Whatsapp: 08503024797

  3. Q:
    What is FPV?

    It is the acronym of First Person View. The user can directly view various gesture changes and experience personal flight in FPV by using FPV 5.8G goggles.

  4. Q:
    What should I attend to, after getting the drone?

    1. Please read the Quick Start Manual, Disclaimer and Safety Operation Instruction first.

    2. Please fully recharge the drone aircraft and RC.

    3. Please update to the latest firmware.

    4. Please calibrate the RC, compass and gimbal before taking off in an environment without electromagnetic interference.

    5. Drone tail should face the user when flying.

    7. Please do not get close to the drone when propellers are working.

    8. FIMI doesn’t provide a TF card, so please purchase a C10/U3 TF card with the storage of 8G-64G.

  5. Q:
    What should I take note about, with my flying environment?

    1. Please stay away from buildings and trees because the GPS signal may be weakened, so precise landing and RTH may fail.

    2. Please do not use the drone in bad weather like gales, heavy snow, heavy rain, fog, etc.

    3. Please stay away from hazardous environments such as airport, railway, highway, high-rise building, electric wires, etc.

    4. Please stay away from environments with electromagnetic interference such as cell phone base station and high-power transmission equipment, etc., when using the product.

  6. Q:
    What is the parameter of 6P in DIY ports?

    1. Port form: 2.54mm general pin;

    2. Output voltage: 11.1V;

    3. Limited current: 2A;

    4. Interface level: 3.3V.

  7. Q:
    When will the drone return to home automatically? What should I pay attention to when the drone returns automatically?

    1. When the drone is in GPS mode and user switches the RTH button to the right during the flight, the aircraft enters the RTH mode.

    2. The user activates the RTH in the APP.

    3. After the aircraft loses connection with the RC, the drone enters the RTH mode

    4. At the low battery, the APP will prompt the user and enter the RTH mode. The drone will return straight to the home point and automatically land at the home point nearby.

    When the return distance is less than 10 meters and flight altitude is less than 3 meters, the drone will ascend to 3 meters first and return to the home point; if the flight altitude is greater than or equal to 3 meters, the drone will directly return to the home point at the original altitude. When the return distance of the drone is greater than or equal to 10 meters and the flight altitude is less than 30 meters, the drone will ascend to 30 meters and return to the home point; if the flight altitude is greater than or equal to 30 meters, the drone will directly return to the home point for landing at the original altitude. The user can GPS Mode VPU Mode toggle the auto return switch to the left to exit Auto Return.

  8. Q:
    What to avoid when the drone enters ATTI mode?

    Do not fly the drone near buildings, communication base stations, car repair factories, buildings, etc. These places usually have strong radio wave radiation and strong magnetic field interference, which adversely affect the remote control communication, GPS signals, and compass of the drone. The drone will enter ATTI mode automatically when the drone loses GPS signal in flight or the compass has interference. Please fly the drone in an open area and far away from this interference environment.

  9. Q:
    Why is the drone hovering unstable in between buildings nearby?

    When the space between high buildings is not wide enough, and the GPS signal will be blocked and reflected by the building, resulting in lower GPS positioning accuracy. At the same time, the steel in high-rise buildings generates magnetic interference to the electronic compass, which affects the flight stability and causes drone drifting. Or the drone will automatically switch to ATTI mode. For flight safety, please fly the drone far away from buildings.

  10. Q:
    Should I calibrate the compass before first flight?

    Users should calibrate the compass before first flight. The compass is affected by the other digital devices easily and may cause an accident in flight, so the user should calibrate the compass.

    Tips: Do not calibrate the compass near strong magnetic fields, such as magnetite, steel buildings, etc.