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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q:
    What’s the characteristics of Mi Drone?

    Simplicity, accessibility and intelligence are key features of Mi drone. The user doesn’t need to learn complex parameter setup. Only with the simple assembly, the user can enjoy flight joy and smooth operation experience of the technological product.

  2. Q:
    What kind of persons are suitable for using Mi Drone?

    Persons more than 18 years old and without mobility impairment can experience flight joy of Mi Drone. A simple study will enable grasping of operation skills. Flight needs your involvement whole-heartedly. Persons with mobility impairment and vision restriction are recommended to experience product accompanied by the experienced personnel.

  3. Q:
    When travelling, can Mi drone be taken on train or plane?

    Mi drone uses lithium polymer battery, with unit power 77.52W/h. RC has an inbuilt 18.5W/h lithium battery. For detailed information, please visit FAA to refer to lithium battery transportation provisions.

  4. Q:
    I want to take photographs of city buildings, can Mi drone fly in downtown?

    Please don’t take flight in the densely populated area. There will be many hazards because of very complex radio, narrow space and restricted visions. As per safety provisions of local government, drone flight is prohibited in certain zones, e.g. airport, military facilities, designated zones in some cities. Please pay attention to relevant provisions as provided by the local public security authority. In some special periods of group activities, no fly zone and time span will be temporarily stipulated by the public security authority. Please timely get such information.

  5. Q:
    What’s the altitude of drop that Mi drone can withstand?

    Mi drone is mainly made of plastics, which can only withstand finite impact strength. In case of drop or impact during flight, the force-bearing position of the body is random, and Mi drone will suffer damage of different extents.

  6. Q:
    Upon receipt of Mi drone, what are precautions?

    Beginners are recommended to pay attention to requirements below:
    (1)Carefully read manual, disclaimers and installation guideline;
    (2)Fully charge RC and drone battery;
    (3)Upgrade latest firmware (APP, flight controller, camera, etc.)
    (4)Take flight in an open and person-free zone without electromagnetic interference, and calibrate compass and RC;
    (5)It’s preferred to invite the experienced personnel for guidance;
    (6)The tail shall point towards the operator;
    (7)Don’t get close to the aircraft before the propeller stops;
    (8)Stablized camera is not equipped with TF card; it’s recommended to purchase 32GB U3 high speed card.

  7. Q:
    How many propellers does Mi drone have?

    Two sets of propellers, 8 in total, 4 forward propellers and 4 backward propellers.

  8. Q:
    How big is Mi drone?

    Landing gear of Mi drone is foldable. After extension, the body length, width and height are 310mm, 380mm,
    182mm. After installation of propeller and protection frame, length, width and height are 540mm, 610mm, 182mm. After removing propeller and protection frame and retracting landing gear, the body length, width and height are 310mm, 380mm,78mm.

    After folding and removing protection frame and propeller, the Mi drone can be easily put in the Mi business backpack.

  9. Q:
    What’s Mi drone body made of, what’s the weight?

    More than 95% of Mi drone is made of engineering plastics. Complete take-off weight (including stablized camera, auxiliary locator, protection frame) of 1080P Mi drone is 1452 grams, that for 4K version is 1565 grams.

  10. Q:
    Why Mi drone landing gear is foldable while the arm is fixed?

    To facilitate carrying and flight stability, Mi drone landing gear is foldable while arms are fixed.