Dimensions 91 x 91 x38 mm Wireless Connectivity WI-FI IEEE 802.11a 5GHz
Shaft Distance 114mm Input 5V==1A
Model YKFJ01FM Controllable Range 50m
Net Weight 88g Controllable Height 25m
Battery Capacity 920mAh Storage Space 4GB
Charging Time Approx. 60min Auxiliary Positioning Devices Ultrasonic + Visual Sensor
Battery Life Approx. 10min Max. Photo Resolution 1600 x 1200
Operating Temperature 0℃ ~ 40℃ Max. Video Resolution 1280 x 720


Android Version Keep updating the latest version
IOS Version Keep updating the latest version 
Mi Drone Mini Instruction Manual Download

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q:
    What are characteristics of MiDroneMini?
    The product is a toy-grade remote-controlled four-axle aerial MiDroneMini, enabling users to obtain a better flight control experience and enjoy aerial photography at a low cost. With its small size, light weight, good positioning effect, high playability, and clear image transmission, it is a MiDroneMini product suitable for all ages.
  2. Q:
    What kind of persons is MiDroneMini suitable for?
    The toy-grade four-axle aerial MiDroneMini is suitable for middle school students and teenagers who desire to have flying toys.
  3. Q:
    What are features of MiDroneMini?

    Remote control distance of cell phone app: 50m; MiDroneMini wheelbase: 114mm; positioning method: optical flow sensor: maximum ascent speed: 2m/s; maximum descent speed: 1m/s; maximum flight speed: 7m/s maximum resolution of video: [email protected]; maximum resolution of photo: 1600*1200; 5.8GHz wifi SD transmission; duration of flight: 10 minutes; battery capacity: 920mAh.

  4. Q:
    During travelling, will MiDroneMini be allowed to taken on the train or plane?

    MiDroneMini uses a lithium polymer battery with a battery capacity of 920mAh. For more information, please visit FAA to inquire about lithium battery transportation regulations

  5. Q:
    I want an aerial photography of city architecture. Will MiDroneMini be allowed to fly in downtown?

    Please don’t fly in crowds and dense building area, where very complex radio waves, narrow space and easily blocked vision will bring insecure factors for flight. Besides, according to local government’s safety regulations, flight of MiDroneMini is forbidden in some areas, e.g. airport, military facilities and designated areas of some cities. Please follow relevant provisions of local public security authority. During some specific group activities, the public security authority will temporarily set up no-fly zone and period. Users need to get such information in a timely manner.

  6. Q:
    What’s the drop limit of altitude of MiDroneMini without damage?

    MiDroneMini has been tested for drop reliability according to the national standard of category 3C products before leaving the factory. There will not be any damage due to falling within the national standard.

  7. Q:
    What are precautions upon receipt of MiDroneMini?
    Novice users are recommended to carefully read the Manual and pay attention to following points: fully charge the batter; install batter and rotor in place; upgrade latest firmware (APP, aircraft, etc.); check motor rotation and installation direction of rotor before flight; because the product doesn’t have GPS positioning function, please keep the aircraft within the controllable visual range to prevent missing; the aircraft tail points towards the operator; the product adopts optical flow hovering, without GPS hovering function, please timely operate the sticker during flight; the coreless motor-based rotor installation adopts the direct plug method. After rotor plug in/out many times, the installation may not be tight due to interface expansion. Therefore, you are recommended to replace the rotor after plug in/out many times (due to randomness, user’s discretion is required).
  8. Q:
    What are auxiliaries of standard list of MiDroneMini?

    One set of propellers (3 forward propellers and 3 backward propellers), one battery, one set of protection frame (4 pieces), one USB cable, one Manual.

  9. Q:
    What’s the size of MiDroneMini?
    MiDroneMini’s body size is 91mm (length) X91mm (width) X38mm (height) and weight is 88g (excluding the protection frame).
  10. Q:
    What are the material and weight of MiDroneMini’s body?
    MiDroneMini is made of more than 95% of engineering plastics and its weight is 88g without the protection frame.