Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q:
    How do I purchase X8SE 2020 FIMI PREMIUM CARE?

    X8SE 2020 FIMI PREMIUM CARE now is sold with X8SE 2020 drone as a special version. It is only available for Banggood Spain temporarily. You are supposed to send the damaged drone body to designated place in Spain when claiming the replacement.

  2. Q:
    What does FIMI PREMIUM CARE provide?

     If your drone bound with FIMI PREMIUM CARE is damaged by man-made or non- artificial accidents like crash, collision, impact or liquid contact, you can replace up to 2 new drone bodies within one year and enjoy faster local replacement service with a small replacement fee. Each replacement fee is 40USD. Drone lost, damage of battery or remote are not covered by FIMI PREMIUM CARE.

  3. Q:
    What’s the difference between FIMI PREMIUM CARE and normal warranty?

    Normal warranty requires you to contact with [email protected] first, and then writing aftersales acceptance form, sending files of issue, waiting for FIMI’s analysis and sending the drone to China for replacement. Damage caused by man-made reasons should be repaired at user’s expense by factory or by 3rd party repair centers. However, convenient as FIMI PREMIUM CARE is, you can replace a new drone locally without dealing with usual aftersales process and feel safer to fly the drone.

  4. Q:
    Can I purchase X8SE 2020 FIMI PREMIUM CARE separately or return it?

    Not supported yet.

  5. Q:
    How long is the validate term of X8SE 2020 FIMI PREMIUM CARE?

    X8SE 2020 FIMI PREMIUM CARE will be available for one year since you validate the drone. X8SE 2020 FIMI PREMIUM CARE provides up to 2 replacements in one year. Each FIMI ID can only purchase X8SE 2020 FIMI PREMIUM CARE once.

  6. Q:
    Can I extend X8SE 2020 FIMI PREMIUM CARE?

    Not supported.

  7. Q:
    Does FIMI PREMIUM CARE support other products of FIMI?

    Not supported.

  8. Q:
    How can I apply for FIMI PREMIUM CARE if my drone is damaged?

    Step1: Please send validation code and serial number of drone to [email protected]. After confirming the information of your FIMI Premium Care, aftersales engineers of FIMI will send an email that asking you to deliver damaged drone to the local warehouse in Spain.

    Step2: FIMI will email a payment link of Paypal to you after receiving your returned pack. Once receiving payment, FIMI will deliver a new drone body to your location in Spain.

  9. Q:
    Does FIMI PREMIUM CARE cover drone lost? Do I have to send the damaged drone to designated place?

    Drone lost is not included in FIMI PREMIUM CARE. Damaged drone, including its spare parts of drone body, arms, gimbal, camera, should be all sent to designated place.

  10. Q:
    Is this service valid if I sell the drone?

    You should unbind your FIMI ID with FIMI PREMIUM CARE on app first. And the new user should bind his own FIMI ID with FIMI PREMIUM CARE, so that he can enjoy follow-up service. Please notice that regions except of Spain have not supported this service yet.